About us

 99 Readiness & Tactical offers a full line of military, tactical, survival and preparedness products. 

It's been said many times that "If you come expecting a fair fight, you are unprepared." This common saying among military and law enforcement professionals illustrates the core values and mindset that drive everything we do.  Our customer base encompasses a broad spectrum of users; everything from hobbyists and target shooters to specialized and highly trained military and law enforcement units, to those preparing for the zombie apocalypse!  Regardless of the end user or their mission, our goal is to offer equipment with form, fit, and function far superior to that of your "standard issue" gear. In short, we want to give you an unfair advantage with the tools you need to defend your home, homeland and carry out your next mission, providing the edge you need, while insuring optimal safety & operational readiness. 

99 Readiness & Tactical is proud to be an authorized dealer for many industry respected quality products.  Here are a few...


Reliability, simplicity, and functionality are what count when your life depends on your equipment.  99 Readiness & Tactical only offers those accessories that are designed and built for situations where failure is not an option.  Our products are combat tested and proven to work...and did we mention, we really like guns.